Past Projects


Our first production

The Superhero

sold out in five UK venues. 

Seasonal change is on fast-forward. Tropical storms are followed by dry spells which are followed by ice ages. London is currently blanketed in ice and snow. This is no longer a city where the most dangerous animal is a mangy fox. Penguins meddle with recycling systems, while mammoths roam the streets, lost and hungry. Humans of a rare and precious blood type have evolved into Superheroes and joined the Right Place Right Time Super Troop to protect civilians. Amongst this cold, harsh and irreversibly dangerous environment, fourteen-year-old Kate falls in love with a local Superhero, only to find he is not quite what he seems…
Join Kate and her mammoth friends to discover the truth behind being a Superhero.

June ‘17        Lyric Hammersmith, London        dir. Phoebe Ladenburg

Feb ‘17         Drayton Arms Theatre, London     dir. Phoebe Ladenburg

Jan ‘17         Gumley House Convent School      dir. Phoebe Ladenburg

Aug ‘16         Tabard Theatre, London           dir. Phoebe Ladenburg

June ‘16        Brighton Open Air Theatre        dir. Phoebe Hitt