Sprit Animal: Ram

When I write for Get Lucky, I’m writing fun; I’m writing laughs, but always with a layer of darkness beneath that audiences can tap into, should they wish to.

The team that write The Simpsons are one of my biggest inspirations. The Simpsons was funny when I was eight-years-old, funny when I was a teenager, and is funny on an entirely different level now that I am a certified adult. I want my writing to have this level of longevity. I want my writing to appeal to everyone.

I enjoy writing anthropomorphism and personification of things that don’t usually speak, for example, mammoths, or sperm. 




Spirit Animal: Magic Bear

Get Lucky productions are beautiful, wacky and dynamic. Grounded in a love of the weird and wonderful our work is always visually inventive and design is an integral part of the process.

To me, transformation is at the heart of the theatre space, and when I'm designing for Get Lucky I always try to be playful with this concept. Coming from a multidisciplinary background in literature and fine art, my inspiration comes in many forms, and I often draw from film, storytelling and painting when we are researching for a new project. I like to think big, bold and faintly ridiculous. 

My job starts with the first idea and ends when we clear up the mess.